Why attend EACR 2021 cancer and drug test conference?

EACR 2021 is a 4 day virtual congress for basic, preclinical and translational cancer and drug test researchers in all areas of research, everywhere in the world, organised by the European Association for Cancer Research.

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Here’s why deciding to attend this exciting virtual cancer research conference will be one of the best choices you make for your research and career in 2021:


The science at EACR 2021 will be outstanding. Enjoy hearing from the amazing list of international speakers in the programme we’ve built around their latest research.


We know that our friendly atmosphere and personal touch are part of what makes EACR events special. We’ve worked hard to build opportunities for you to present your research and connect with speakers and other cancer and drug test researchers.

Present your research:

  • Multiple proffered paper slots in the main Congress programme – more slots available than at an in-person meeting!
  • ‘Top Abstracts session’ dedicated especially to proffered papers
  • Moderated ‘Posters in the Spotlight’ session for selected presenters to give mini oral presentations
  • e-poster galleries, with recorded audio clips accompanying each PDF e-poster
  • Digital abstract gallery

Connect with speakers and other researchers

  • Live Q&A with every speaker after each session, type your questions and watch them get answered
  • ‘Meet the Speaker’  events to recreate the feel of approaching speakers at the podium after their talk. Join a 15-minute informal Zoom meeting and chat personally with the speakers after each symposium.
  • Fun and informal 2-hour “poster gathering” where you can control your character to walk around the retro 2D virtual poster hall and have video chats with other participants… “the best e-poster experience I’ve ever had since the pandemic happened” is how a participant at another EACR event described it!
  • Informal ‘Meet the Expert’ sessions where you can hear from and speak with leading experts in their fields
  • Participant chat function – if you opt in on registration, you can search for, email, chat and video chat with other participants. If you see a poster you like, you can instantly contact the presenter.


One of the positives to come from the global pandemic has been the new-found accessibility offered by virtual events. Your EACR 2021 Congress registration is your ticket to access a world of great science from your home, office or lab.

  • Access sessions live wherever you are in the world, with no travel or hotels required
  • On-demand access immediately after the Congress and for 3 months afterwards
  • So you won’t miss a single session – even sessions organised in parallel